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As you can tell by my recent article on the Mel-Meter, I really enjoy using that device. I use far more than my homemade cold spot detector and any other EMF meter I have. However, there is one aspect of the homemade temperature sensor that I made that I still miss – the length of the probe used to detect temperature!

What I had done was to take a simple temperature probe from any Wal-Mart or online electronics store (pictured-lower right) with an indoor/outdoor hookup and use that for my cold-spot detector. I would take the cord and attach that to a 2 1/2 foot wooden rod with electric tape so that the probe was at the very end of the rod’s tip. With this setup I can easily gauge the base temperatures of any given area. However, these type of probes are very, v e  r   y   ssslooooowwww. A small bedroom might take 20 minutes or more to survey!

That is why we fell in love with the Mel-Meter! Although the thermocoupler thermometer attachment was only 2 inches long, it was very fast and accurate. If only there was a way to combine the best properties of both!

Combining the Best Properties of Both

Now you can combine the best properties of both! At, the company that manufacturers the Mel-Meter, you can order a replacement cord attachment that extends your thermal-coupler probe more than three feet! It replaces the 2 inch probe at the top of all the Mel-Meter models currently available. You can get the TP-01 / Type-K Bead Type Thermocouple (pictured-right) at this link: CLICK HERE!

By attatching the TP-01 to a wooden rod, you can drastically extend your reach and cover more ground faster without having to walk right into the cold spot!

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