Melissa’s Meter

I am very skeptical of many aspects of the paranormal, especially when it comes to new “pseudo-scientific” concepts and untested technology. A few years ago, a fellow from Great Brittan brought, from across the ocean a marvelous sounding contraption called the Paranormal PC.

Ghost Hunting and Dead Presidents

Sony HandyCam with NightShot – $385 AC Tri-Field Meter – $139 Natural EM Tri-Field Meter – $229 TIF Digital Thermometer – $149  35mm and Digital Cameras – $99+ Actually catching a ghost on film – Priceless!

Lights Out and Nite Vision Vs. Common Sense

Are you a ghost hunter? How many times have you sat in the dark, waiting for something to happen? How many of your ghost-vigil videos are recorded in green IR induced hues? Most importantly, how open-minded to change are you? Often times I am criticized for writing, well, just about anything going against the status-quo. …

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The K-II Meter vs. Science

Why do ghost hunters use EMF meters? First of all, EMF meters do not detect ghosts. Well, they probably don’t. Researchers who have been doing this for decades will tell you that using equipment like EMF meters is for the purpose of detecting the effects ghosts have on the environment. Since we still don’t know …

The K-II Meter vs. Science Read More »

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