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We need the next generation of paranormal investigators! If you are interested in joining us to continue investigating The Lord Baltimore Hotel and other locations in and around Baltimore click here: http://ghosttech.com/contact-vince/ The Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research will be conducting regular investigations in Baltimore and beyond. Meet us for dinner at the famously haunted …

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Training and paranormal investigators

You’re at home alone. You hear a noise downstairs. It’s a burglar! The creep must have thought you were out since the lights were down and you were listening to music. Now he’s coming up the stairs. What are you going to do? Should call the police? It could be 10 minutes or more before …

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Ghost Tech Tip of the Week

As you can tell by my recent article on the Mel-Meter, I really enjoy using that device. I use far more than my homemade cold spot detector and any other EMF meter I have. However, there is one aspect of the homemade temperature sensor that I made that I still miss – the length of …

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