Ghost Tech value pack

gearSince you asked – over $400 for only $100!

Kit includes – A copy of Ultimate Ghost Tech (the best book on paranormal investigation gear and techniques if I do say so myself!), an Air Ion tester (advanced research device to check for atmospheric disturbances using negatively charged ions), an ELF Zone Meter (basically a K2 meter, but better and sturdier), a Ghost Meter Cell Sensor (one of the gold standards of ghost hunting), a mechanical magnetometer (no batteries, so won’t lose charge in high energy areas), a pocket EM Meter (will fit on a key chain and can be brought anywhere), a laser grid pointer (for finding shadow figures and 3D mapping), an IR thermometer (for detecting temperatures and cold spots on surfaces), an Electro-Sensor (rare these days – a reliable pocket EMF meter), an RCA digital voice recorder with USB port (hold hours of voice recordings for EVP) and finally, it all comes in a super tough aluminum foam lined case!!!

This kit is valued at over $400!! Two of these devices normally go for over $100 each. Yours for less than 1/4 the price.


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