The Ovilus

The first time I encountered this device was during a tour/investigation of the Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg in March 2009. I was monitoring the basement of the house when some would-be investigators joined down there to attempt communication with their Ovilus. Now, I had heard of this gadget and was very interested in seeing […]

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From Amityville to Bigfoot, potential hoaxes are everywhere! Fraud is rampart and you need to be aware.


Ghost Hunting and Dead Presidents

Sony HandyCam with NightShot – $385 AC Tri-Field Meter – $139 Natural EM Tri-Field Meter – $229 TIF Digital Thermometer – $149  35mm and Digital Cameras – $99+ Actually catching a ghost on film – Priceless!

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Lights Out and Nite Vision Vs. Common Sense

Are you a ghost hunter? How many times have you sat in the dark, waiting for something to happen? How many of your ghost-vigil videos are recorded in green IR induced hues? Most importantly, how open-minded to change are you? Often times I am criticized for writing, well, just about anything going against the status-quo. […]

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Ghost Tech Tip of the Week

As you can tell by my recent article on the Mel-Meter, I really enjoy using that device. I use far more than my homemade cold spot detector and any other EMF meter I have. However, there is one aspect of the homemade temperature sensor that I made that I still miss – the length of […]